Specialised Asphalt Rejuvenator

Asphalt Rejuvenator

One of the major factors to asphalt deterioration is the breakdown of the binders that hold the asphalt together.

KP Coatings have an answer, an asphalt rejuvenator that not only replaces these binders with polymer modified ones, but it also acts as a raincoat and seals the asphalt, while also providing you with a nice new black looking asphalt.

So who cares?
You should as unprotected asphalt is going to cost you hundreds in pothole repairs, thousands in patches, and tens if not hundreds of thousands in replacing the asphalt before it needs to be replaced.

We are able to extend the service life of your asphalt for a mere fraction of the price providing you with our fantastic KP service, coupled with an industry-leading product, provides you with a highly economical solution.

Even if crocodile cracking has begun we are still able to extend the service life of your asphalt for at least 6-24* months and even longer if prior to crocodile cracking.

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